About us

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A specialist substance misuse consultancy working in the UK substance misuse treatment, criminal justice and social care sector.

We have a simple aim of improving the condition of our clients, and therefore improving the lives of the people around them.  We do this by listening to what you need, planning a simple course of action, reviewing those plans with you and then implementing the agreed plan.

Our process is collaborative meaning that we work with you to develop the skills, competency and resilience you need after we’ve gone.  We also provide a degree of challenge to ensure the best and simplest version of the ideas we help generate make it through to action.

Services include:

– strategic assessment and planning
– operational planning and implementation
– interim management
– individual service and process reviews
– writing service specifications
– writing & evaluating tenders
– contract and performance management
– mentoring and coaching
– research and business development
public speaking engagements