Huseyin Djemil has worked in the substance use field since 1993 and his experience spans a number of contexts across the criminal justice and drug treatment sector.

Huseyin is a solo consultant with a network of contacts that he can call on if a project requires additional specialist input or capacity in a specific area. 

He has attracted and worked with clients from across the charitable sector, health and social care, local authorities, national government departments, and the criminal justice system. Huseyin has also advised and worked with academic institutions, think tanks, faith based organisations and private companies across a range of projects contributing to influential initiatives and reports in the substance use, social care and criminal justice sectors.

Huseyin’s appeal is his experience; he has lived experience of addiction, the criminal justice system and addiction treatment.  As a person in long-term Recovery from addiction Huseyin transitioned into someone who works in the drug and alcohol sector and has held roles from: Volunteer, Admissions & Referrals Coordinator, Arrest Referral & Drug Worker, Service Manager, DAAT Coordinator & Commissioner and then as HMPS London area Drug Strategy Coordinator for the 7 London prisons.

Since going freelance in 2007, and then setting up Green Apple Consulting Ltd in 2009, Huseyin’s experience has mushroomed and he has been involved in projects across the UK and abroad.  He has been in continual demand and continues to work as an independent consultant helping organisations and individuals to thrive. 

Clients include:


Huseyin is also a

  • Fellow, Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)

  • Member, Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP)

  • Associate Member of the Institute of Consulting (IC)

  • The chair of Trustee’s for Pushing Change CIO, a peer led Recovery Community in Portsmouth –

  • Trustee for ACT! – Aldates Community Transformation Initiatives in Oxford –

  • The founder and managing director of Towards Recovery CIC, –  

  • He is a passionate advocate of excellent, innovative and inspiring drug and alcohol treatment and recovery support services that help people move out of addiction and achieve their full potential and place in society, “because life really does get better when you’re off drugs and in control of your own destiny.”

Green Apple Consulting LTD – Company number 07101592.