Consultancy Fees and Structure

I have structured my fees to be responsive to a range of organisational and individual needs – options listed below.

Day Rate:

  • My rate varies from £400 – £650 per day (depending on the size of the organisation, the complexity of the task and level of responsibility).  

  • I give price reductions based on length of contract and up-front payment and any rate agreed includes my travel, subsistence etc. unless we both agree otherwise and there is no VAT to pay.  

Value Based Fee: 

  • You define the issue you or your organisation are trying to overcome or problem you want to solve or the task or target you want to achieve and I will provide you with several costed options e.g. advisory, consultative, or collaborative approaches and you decide which best suits your needs

  • A value based approach means we are task and not time-unit focused, you know costs upfront, and can budget accordingly

Retainer Fee:

  • A retainer is an agreed fee for general access to my expertise and support over a specific period of time e.g. min 3-months to max 12-months, for named individual(s) in an organisation, i.e. to act as a sounding board for an issue, idea, emergency or planned project and it might also include reviewing documents by email or a phone conversation 

  • Any travel and/or projects resulting from a retainer arrangement are extra and we can agree these on an ad-hoc basis

  • Retainers are paid in one sum or in instalments at the beginning of each designated period

Mentoring and Coaching:

  • I work with people on a one to one basis, building a relationship and working in a context that suits the person being mentored and/or coached

  • The cost of mentoring is £70 per one-hour session with a minimum purchase requirement of 10-sessions.  These can be configured as required, weekly, monthly etc

Training, Workshops and Speaking Engagements:

Where I provide the venue

  • £65 per person per half day, 12–15 per group

  • £110 per person per day, 12 – 15 per group

Where you provide the venue e.g. at your service / organisation

  • £750 flat fee per day (approx. 12-15 people per group)

Public speaking engagements, conferences (chairing, panel member, speeches, workshop facilitation) and/or a motivational session with staff or service users – by arrangement so please get in touch!