Huseyin Djemil

Huseyin DjemilSubstance misuse consultant
Senior Business Leader
Change Management Specialist
Public Speaker
Recovery & Rehab Champion



Huseyin has over 18 years experience specialising in the criminal justice / drug treatment sector.

Huseyin underwent residential rehabilitation for class A drug use in 1986, and has gone on to roles including: Admissions & Referrals Coordinator, Arrest Referral & Drug Worker, Service Manager, DAAT Coordinator & Commissioner and then as HMPS London area Drug Strategy Coordinator for the 7 London prisons.

In 2009, he developed Green Apple Consulting Ltd, with the simple aim of improving the condition of his clients, and therefore improving the lives of the people around them. He now works with an extensive range of UK & International charities, social enterprises, private and public sector organisations, central government departments, universities, local authorities, religious institutions, think tanks, London wide consortia of organisations and other consultancies.

In 2012, Huseyin founded a local initiative Towards Recovery, and opened the first Recovery Café in his hometown Henley-on-Thames. The Café provides a safe place where people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can meet, or where families can go to for help and peer support. The Café has a growing number of regular visitors from all walks of life including people in recovery and addiction / recovery professionals.

In 2013, Huseyin developed a national Towards Recovery Conference, bringing together speakers representing a variety of recovery and addiction services, people in recovery and families who have been affected by addiction. The annual event aims to highlight topical issues, stimulate debate and bring services together with people in recovery.

Huseyin is a passionate advocate of abstinence-based rehabilitation as necessary in all stages of treatment and recovery, and excellent drug treatment services that allow drug users to move out of addiction and achieve their full potential and place in society, “because life really does get better when you’re off drugs and in control of your own destiny”

He is a motivational speaker and the author of ‘Inside Out: How to get drugs out of prison’