helping you see things more clearly

I work with organisations and individuals.  My aim is simple; to add value and improve the condition of those I work with, including their organisational processes, business outcomes and personal circumstances.

The process I use to do this is straightforward:

  • I listen to what you need

  • We agree a plan of action

  • We implement the agreed plan with milestone reviews to ensure progress

I also provide a degree of challenge to ensure the best and simplest version of the ideas we help generate together make it through to action.

Consulting Services

Interim-Management Contracts for a range of roles including:

  • Demand reduction (service provision, commissioning manager, policy development / implementation)

  • Supply reduction (effective at working across CJS and non-CJS agencies)

  • Engage me directly and/or via an agency if you prefer

Commissioning Services

  • Undertaking needs assessments, writing specifications, contract monitoring and management, conducting tenders, budget management

  • Service reviews, quality audits, service user consultations, service provider engagement exercises, staff and provider training, conducting meetings (commissioning groups, funding panels,

Project Management

  • Strategic and/ or operational reviews, feasibility reports, writing tenders, mobilising contracts, business development

  • CQC mock audits, CQC training and project support through a CQC inspection process

  • Housing benefit rent reviews for move-on / supported accommodation using specialist rent-calc tools and specialist housing advice

One to One

  • To provide mentoring, coaching, and supervision of key staff

  • Treatment pathway advice, advocacy and support

  • Resettlement and recovery support

  • Client (and staff) motivational talks / workshops

  • Conference presentations, workshops and talks on a range of topical drug and alcohol related subjects and contexts


Kenneth Robinson, Director, Janus Solutions (Brixton, Lambeth)

‘I was sceptical about the idea of a mentor or coach.  It is easy to believe ‘I can do it all myself!’.  Since meeting Huseyin I realize that I was wrong! Having Huseyin giving me feedback, supporting my thinking and acting as a critical friend has been invaluable.’


Emma Pawsey, Manager, Hebron Trust (Norwich, Norfolk)

‘Huseyin guided us through our CQC inspection offering real practical tools to track our service alongside the requirements of the most up to date requirements. He was with us on the day and offered real support and guidance to all staff.’


Rob Rogers, Manager, ACT! (Oxfordshire)

‘Huseyin is a brilliant mentor I’ve felt supported, encouraged and challenged all at the same time.  I’ve really benefited from his wealth of experience in the world of recovering from addiction. His knowledge, insights and practical advice have proved invaluable in improving the service I deliver and really helped increase my sphere of influence.’


Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts, CEO Yeldall Manor (Wokingham)

‘Huseyin is my “go to” consultant if I need a creative solution to a difficult problem, a wise sounding board for new ideas or even just extra resource to help complete an important and time critical task for my organisation. His ability to quickly understand a complex issue and break it down into easily digestible parts is extremely valuable to me and my staff. His breadth of understanding across the sector where I work is a real asset, as it helps him to propose solutions that are workable and consistent with national and local priorities.’